Goodbye summer.
Hello Fall.
This time of year is always bad for me lol.
-The death of my dad
-The death of my dog
-The dread of the holidays
the list goes on, but I'm trying my damn hardest to love and comfort myself.

I decided to give this driving thing another shot too.
I just got my permit, and start driving lessons next week. My goal is to get my license by 
the end of the month maybe? and start getting my car next month and shit.

October 1st, I decided to cut my hair. like all of it. Its been
on my list of things to do, and I have just been pushing it off lol.
Now my hair has a fresh start and can grow properly. No more damaged hair due to bleaching 
either. I'm done coloring my hair v.v

This year I have been working towards using and making more natural products.
I make my own toothpaste, feminine washes, body and facial scrubs.
This month I'm switching to an organic deoderant!
Im also detoxing my pits too, to eliminate the toxins from years of using 
the other deoderants. I made a simple paste of bentonite clay + apple cider vinegar
and apply it every night.
I noticed my skin is looking better these days too.
I had a mean facial breakout for a few weeks due to my b.c
but I have been taking care of my face more and the results are really showing :D
its the little things I do for my body that makes me happy <3

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