Sooooo I ordered my first memebox kit and it arrived today! I'm pretty hyped to try new facial products. So the kit I chose is the tutti frutti one. The products are plant and fruit base, which ive 
never tried.

In the kit, I got:
1) facial toner + pads
2) dragon fruit pore minimizing mask
3) illuminating water gel mask
4) lychee jelly facial soap
Today I got to use the jelly soap, toner, and the water gel mask.
The jelly mask has a light lychee scent and fun to squeeze lolol. Its a very gentle soap cleanser, and doesnt leave a weird film on the face like some cleansers do. 10/10
The toner smells awesome! It really picks up the dirt that I missed while cleaning my face lol. 10/10
The water gel mask has a weird jizz consistency. The instructions say to either leave it on over night or wash it off after 15 min. Im gona leave it on over night and see how my face reacts to it. ?/10
I didnt get to try the dragon fruit pore mask yet, but sometime this weekend I will!

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