Today marks 15 years since my dad has passed away. Today was a beautiful sunny day, and I wanted to pay my respects, and clean up his resting place. I feel like no one comes to visit him except me...which is fine because I can decorate it how I please! Sean was really kind enough to take me again to visit him. (Hes the greatest, I love him)

I cleaned his headstone with fresh water and lit  incense to clear the air so he can hear my words((( *´꒳`* )))
Lit a white candle in his honor, and bought him fresh autumn flowers for the season. I also wrote a letter and read it for him. Afterwards, i burned the letter and buried it, so my words will carry on with him. Afterwards, I sat and thought about our memories and played his favorite songs for him. It was a much needed visit, and I plan on going again around christmas time.

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