Saturday was pretty great! We all went to slump fest last night~ It was pretty cool, really talented artists, and lots of happy vibes. We bought slump fest tshirts too :)
Donovan made magical lemon bars and lemon cookies....
I ate way too much and got so retardedly high ;_;

Thats really all I can remember lmao.


6月21日: Summer Solstice fun

This weekend was pretty cool~!
Ophie came up to Chicago to kick it with us.
We had a chill cook out with everbody! 
Michonne loved all the male visitors!

After eating and getting lit, we went to the movies!

hahahaha fucking great.

drunken outfit post
the movie was okay....tbh i was so drunk i fell asleep in the fucking theatre lmaoo.
but it was all good sniggie times <3
The next day was the start of summer solstice! IT WAS HOT AS FUCKKKKK.
We got out..a little. but low key went right back inside lmao.
We didnt really go out till later on when the sun went down & the moon herself bathed us in her celestial beams.

my shitty camera does no justice. The moon was GORGEOUS!!!
so beautiful...

My babe <3

There was a cool jazz concert going on @ Mil park.
The artist was DJ Spooky...good music & I was nice and drunk lmao

Stevie aesthetics lol
Dan & kurt tagged along with us later on.
We hung out with Kurt and his friends for a while.
Weedy weed of jamaica + video games + good music
Their studio!

I didnt take that many pics last night...lame lmao. I thought I took more.
Final day was more chill. Momsy took ophie & me to lunch.

My look~

& another Stevie coord haha! 

Ophie went home last night :c
It was sad but I know that hoe will be back lmao!
especially for SLUMPFEST


6月14日: Summer inspo

Okay so yall already know how much I love Stevie Nicks right? Well if you don't, I LOVE fucking Stevie. I seriously listen to fleetwood daily. Her voice soothes my breaking heart every time. Whenever I'm feeling shitty, depressed, confused, etc....I just listen to Stevie-sama and get lost in her<3
My mother is also a big ass fleetwood fan, so clearly that fandom fell directly on me too.
Stevie's fashion is like no fucking other.
Its timeless, graceful, sexy, and wild!
(((o(♡´▽`♡)o))) so this summer (and on to the fall) I want the full white witch aesthetics.
*the shawls
*the clonker boots + heels
*the skirts
*the lace
*the embroidered clothing
*the jewelry
*the dusters
Alllllllllllll that + more! (∩´∀`∩)
I collected some inspi pics of my white witch & other similar collages.
This is one of my fav pics of her. So gorgeous!
Yasss them heels
Really cute for a cool summer night <3
I need thisssss
Misty fucking day!
I'm having a bit of trouble finding these lace dresses.....in my size....
Imma need all of these okay.
Mother white witch!!!!!