8.30.14 Fridayy

Holy hell....
I swear I haven't abandoned this blog. 
I have just been busy ;0;
I'm going to start blogging more though, I miss it a lot..

Pamyu has a new boyfriend
They are so adorable & get into all kinds of trouble!
I'm starting to make art again on my free time.
I have some cute art ideas & makeup concepts I want to try this fall.
Also getting ready to make that next big move in my life:
I don't plan on staying in shitcago all my life...I want to travel & see more of this world<3 
I've been thinking about Texas ;D 
I also bought new lenses! I wanted something natural
With a little pop, and I never tried green lens before!
Tada! ^_~*
And lately I have been wearing very/blond/brown style of hair!
Its a nice medium for gal hair I think lol. Not too wild, but not plain. Appropriate for work too lol >=D

My next style will be something a little different, taking a break from wigs haha

Did a little shopping for myself today��
getting ready for Fall!! 

New bag, stud jeans, and boots!
And got myself a new phone case! 

That's all the updates for now :3


8月1日:愛 Summer is love♡

Met up with my old Gal*Luxy sister Dally the other day~!
It was so damn good to see her <3
We met up at milpark & caught up~
had a mini kandi making session <3

hahah a bunch of monster drink spilled 

it was getting pretty hot so i did a quick change of clothes ;D

lunch time~

After navy pier, we decided to head to da beach!

It was really chill & the weather was perfect!

beach bummin <3

Later on that night we ate at Dick's last resort & dicked around downtown for a bit longer~
lolll I didnt take many pics during dinner & later. We were all pretty toasted by that time 
thats all for now~baibai



Today I wanted to add some more piece to my wardrobe~
So I did a little shopping :D
Got my very first moomoo!!! Its so big and comfy ;A;

Found this really cute ivory floral pattern over jacket

micro dress

and got some new jeans!! They are so cute and I can finally fit a size 14 again haha! VICTORY



6月10日:I'm a horrible blogger ;A;

I have been a slave to my job lately....barely any time to chill and blog. I used to
love relaxing and blogging haha, I need to make time for it again..
this post is just quick updates and highlights on my little life lol :3
Went to Anime Central this yearrr!!
I cosplayed as a baseball furie!! :D
us at the Jfashion panel. I was low key pissed they didnt talk about gyaru that much.....hell they didnt discuss them at all. they only mentioned gal secrets and shit >_< So I made Nami go up to the front & represent us right!! They also didnt discuss vkei much, so Aurora went up there to represent too!! ^0^

getting ready for bed :3

perfect sailor moon cosplayyyy
dude I fucking FREAKEDDDDD when I saw this Ulala cosplay. It was so perfect ;A;
I wanted to talk to her and show her my morolian tattoo but I was too shy and high...
This was our soap bubble look!
had a little pre-gaming fun!!!

lol Anikis look
lol overall it was really fun and all good vibes!! ^0^

other updates:
Got an iphone 5!
Got some good gifts & had an awesome 23rd birthday lol
got shitlocks again!
& recent work code lol:
I also might be going to anime expoooooo~ *0*


5月3日: Birthday bang!

hey loves!
so last weekend, I went to my manager's birthday party!
We all were dressed to fuckin impress!!

here was my face :D
And outfit check :D

The powder room was perfect for picturessss >:D

Annette's accessory was so fucking cute!!! :D

& Aniki's accessory was ULTRA cute!!!!
haha over all it was a pretty nice night!