2月14日: Fucking vday

This year I decided to spend vday with myself. My plans with my loved one fell through & I was pretty bummed ;_; I got dressed up anyway for myself & took my damn self out to dinner! 
I went to a local sushi bar & stuffed myself. 
Afterwards, I bought myself a little present

Afterwards I spent the rest of vday woth my baby & we drank drank drank \(//∇//)\
My outfit for Valentines day♡

Hanging out w/ my friends was the perfect pickup I needed. ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

3月2日: ^_−☆

Hii gals ( ^ω^ )
Its March! Which means next month is IMATS & after that is ACEN!!!!!!!!! I havent worked on my buggy cosplay in a minute because I have been moving into my new apartment   ;0; my brother previously lived in the apartment & finally moved out. He hasn't helped me with the apartment at ALL. So I have been on my hands and knees cleaning this place top to bottom. Its slowly starting to look like a decent living area (¬_¬) le bf has been helping me A LOT though ♡ 

The place is like 90% finished. It needs a new paint job, so when it gets a little warmer outside & I get some extra cash I want to start painting! 
Ze bathroom
I can almost call it my new home lmao♡♡♡ and I can start on my cosplays and projects again! 

I have a lot of cool ideas for decorating the place ヽ(;▽;)ノ 
i'm going for that hippy organic D.I.Y kind of feel lol.
Inspo picssssss☆

Making shelves out of old drawers!
Im a SUCKER for DIY crafts and any reason for me to take trips to michaels/jo-ann/hancock/hobby lobbby xD
Mmmmmmmmmmm home decor porn!!!! I want a fuck ton of plants in this apartment too. 
Another side project, I want to make some cute pillows for the couches
Home goals!!


Whats up! 2015

I havent made a 2015 post yet. For shame. I was going to write a new years goal list and a look back on 2014 but I decided to leave 2014 in the past lol WHERE IT BELONGS. Its time to focus on the now & work on creating my future! 
First big goal: GO TO IMATS NY!
Ticket & hotel already purchased! IMATS has always been a dream that I can never reach. Idk why but I need to stop setting limits for myself on what I can and cannot do. Why cant I go to IMATS? Theres no reason, so I just said fuck it & went for it. Being surrounded by well known artists in the industry, seeing battle of the brushes, and just meeting new awesome PEOPLE will be so exciting! I also hope to see some of my fav NY gals!! ;0;

Another big change:
I dyed my fro pank lol
it looks super crimson in photos but its much lighter in person lmao! its very 90s & I'm still getting used to it. But pink hair has been on my dye list ever since I was like 16 & saw this Banba gal with neon pink hair @0@

not really a goal but:
Another thing I have been putting off is getting all of my ear piercings!!! I totally stopped stretching too ;_; so I bought some new ear stretching/piercing supplies!
i got new needles for my ears (and re-pierce my nose!) bullet plugs, black tapers in size 12mm-18mm for stretching (I decided my goal guage is 18mm), this cool ass eyeball ear cuff, and fluorescent cartilage jewelry (lol i thought the fluorescent would stand out with my pink ass hair lol) so yeah!!!! Pretty excited to get that shit done. 

2月11日: easy busy lemon squeezie♪

I Hey loves!! I have been working like crazy lately to save enough money for my trip to NY in April!! I will be attending IMATS & I am SO excited!! 
This will be my first ever time going to NY as well!!! So much I wanna do! I also wanted to get a tattoo in each new state I visit *^*

I also have been working on my cosplays for Acen! I will be cosplaying Buggy from One Piece, and Dr. rockso from Metalocalypse

I went to go fabric shopping last week
And have been working on it day by day!
I fused the interface on the collar, bodice, and cuffs. I started getting sloppy with the stitching so that was my queue to take a break and start where I left off another day lol. So far it looks nice! I havent used a pattern since HS, so I'm proud of myself for sticking through this project!!! Its gonna look so cool when its all done *^*


12月17日 long night

Ughhhh another late night shift. Studying for my drivers permit test tomorrow! I'm doing well on these practice quizes lol. Wish me luck tomorrow!☆



Did a little shopping today!
I cant wait for it to arrive!! ヽ(;▽;)ノ
I have been SLOWLY building up my psychobilly wardrobe haha.
I havent seen it done, but I want to steer my gal style towards this look! I think I can pull it off >:D
but I'm slowly doing this transition lmao. aint nobody got money fo dat! I'm also struggling on getting a CAR finally! I have been getting job offers that are too far for me to commute :c
So Im pretty much forced to get this damn car.....This will be exciting though! I can decorate it and shit! Next week I plan on taking the permit exam so I can start practicing with my bf :D

slow and steady wins the race, gals.



Hello everyone! This will be a quick posts on my newest gets ★
YES HALLELUJAH IT WAS TIME FOR A NEW ONE LOL. Finally that sexy brown gal hair I have been dying ferr.
Gave myself a xmas present a little early lol. & new peroxide & activator to bleach my brows \(//∇//)\

I also did a little xmas shopping for some family members. This year I decided everyone will be getting books for xmas lol. 
i got my nephew some really cool childrens books from this independent bookstore up in wicker park today☀︎
& got my mom some cute gift sets at Mojo spa (one of my fav hand made organic shops) I tried to stay away from too much black friday shopping this year. 



11月17日: happy monday♪

Today Kira & I did a little monday thrifting!
IT WAS COLD AS FUCK!!!!!!! But we continued on! we both found some pretty cute shit! Here is my mini haul↓
☆leopard fur suit case $10
☆ed hardy graphic T $3
☆velvet bellbottoms $3 (for when I wanna go 90s lol)
☆baby phat jeans $4
☆BCBG hoodie 

Pretty gooooood! >:3


10月26日: Last bonfire of the season

Dril & I visited our chill spot one last time before it gets too cold in Chicago~
It was a nice evening!

Got the fire going

Got to roast some marshmallow & hotdoggies ^3^

It was chilly by the lake but the fire kept us warm! It was romanticu\(//∇//)\♡

Such beauty. Much warmth~

Cuddle time♥︎ Real cool sunday evening!
I kinda liked my hair tonight too lol

Time to get ready for another shitty week of work lol


10月17日: happy times are happy♥︎

I Today I went to the Round 1 Japanese Arcade with もんちち and キラキラ☆!
It was crazy fun.....omg! You can seriously spend a lot of money there ;_; 
We took SO many purikura lol! It was real japanese puri!!!!! Its been so long since we took print club pics together~
I can't WAIT to go back! Krystal won a rilakkuma at the UFO catcher! I didnt win one ;^;

So many kumassssss!


This fuckin game was SO scary lmao!!!! Chichi & I were screaming super hard in this little box

My look for the arcade lol~the purikura booths have SUCH amazing lighting

Tonight was all good vibes~much needed friend time☆